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If You’re Going To Vape – Be Polite About It

Perhaps you’re in the mindset that if you have quit smoking traditional cigarettes and started vaping, the rules of being a considerate and polite smoker are out the window. But experts on social etiquette would tell you different. With more than two million vaping adults in the United Kingdom alone, the need to set social etiquette standards when it comes to vaping is a must.

Admittingly, over one-third of the vapers surveyed, admitted they didn’t know there was any rules to vaping. We have gathered some rules that can help you have decorum when you vape, in private and public.

Of 2,000 people polled by a electronic cigarette manufacturer, in bed and in restaurants should be vape free. Another no-no place to vape would be in a job interview or any place that is confined. In the work place, you should never make vaping more important than your work, just as smokers of traditional cigarettes shouldn’t.

While you should adhere to no-vape areas, you should never assume if there is no signage stating no vaping, don’t assume it is acceptable. Stealth vaping, where you try to hide your device and sneak in a vape, is totally unacceptable, even if you have the ability to vape with minimal vapor. A huge no-no is blowing vapor in the face of anyone.

The etiquette rules of vaping are still being created as this is a fairly new phenomenon. Checking the internet for new guidelines is recommended to keep you in line. It may seem a challenge to be the polite vaper, so if you’re ever in doubt, ask those around you for permission. While vaping may have been around for a few years now, err in the way of politeness.

Not only are vapers struggling through what is polite and proper, but so are non-vapers. Just like the use of cell phones created confusion in the social world, so has vaping. Vapers should always be considerate of those around them that aren’t vaping and non-vapers should be understanding. In conclusion, we offer the following summary:

The Top 10 Ten Don’ts To Vaping

Never vape in confined spaces
Never vape in restaurants
3. Never vape while in an interview
4. Never blow vape in anyone’s face
5. Never vape while in a car
6. Never vape while standing in a line
7. Never smoke in anyone’s home
8. Never smoke when in public transport
9. Never smoke while cooking
10. Never smoke while in bed

What If You’re Not A Vaper – Do You Have Rights?

What about those of us who don’t vape? Do we have the right to speak up and ask a vaper to stop or take it elsewhere? Are we being rude? Or what if we’re asked if it’s okay to vape in our presence – can we say no?

By all means, if somebody is vaping in your presence and it bothers you, speak up! While it may not be as dangerous to them as smoking traditional cigarettes, there is an odor to them from the liquid nicotine flavor. Just like a cologne or perfume bothers some, so can the vape from electronic cigarettes.

Electronic Cigarettes and Vaping: A Fad Or A Help?

Today, the health dangers from smoking are everywhere. It is hard to believe that in the fifties and into the early sixties cigarettes were thought to be good for us, in fact, they were said to promote good lung health by some brands! Man, science has come a long way, hasn’t it?!

It wasn’t until the early seventies that the medical field discovered stress was caused by smoking, not eased by smoking. Around the same time, researchers also discovered that cancer was a result of cigarette smoking, but it took another 8 years before anything was agreed upon between legislators and the medical community.

Decades and years later though, despite what we know, people are still smoking. No matter how much and what kind of information has been made available to us, it has become a habit that many can’t help. Anyone that has smoked will tell you that quitting is not easy. But there have become many ways to help us quit that nasty, unhealthy habit.

Within in the past few decades, companies have come up with innovative ways to help us quit smoking. They have manufactured products that can replace that cessation a smoker gets for the nicotine, such as gum, patches, as well as the electronic cigarette.

However, it’s not without its own problems. We know that vaping can cause problems, perhaps milder than cigarettes, but problems all the same. Today, we look up cigarettes or smoking in Wikipedia and we find very little evidence that suggests that electronic cigarettes are safer than old-school, traditional cigarettes. Nor is there much evidence to prove they are addictive and can become habit forming.

Electronic cigarettes feel like a real cigarette. They look like real cigarettes. They even emit a smoke like real cigarettes. Where they differ is they do not have tobacco. The person that vapes (smokes electronic cigarettes) is inhaling a nicotine vapor, which does not have the carcinogens that real cigarettes have, meaning, the stuff that is harmful is missing.

Electronic cigarettes have a nicotine cartridge that is filled with liquid nicotine. An atomizer that is powered by a small battery powered turns that liquid nicotine into vapor. As the user inhales it, they get a nicotine hit quickly and a LED light glows on the tip giving it a real cigarette appearance.

The cartridges come in various strengths of nicotine from minimal to half to full strength. In this way, the person wishing to quit smoking and gradually lower the amount of nicotine they are getting.  A huge advantage between electronic cigarettes and gum or nicotine patches is the nicotine hit is faster.

While the smoker won’t be spending money on traditional cigarettes, using the method of electronic cigarette is a bit costly to get started. There is a small investment to be made in buying the start-up kit and then keeping a supply of the liquid nicotine. But in comparison, it will save them money over time, especially if they stay with electronic cigarettes only long enough to quit the smoking habit altogether.